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Apr 6, 2022

We help people remove constraints that keep them from living their best life, like Keloids.

No one understands the concerns of people with Keloids better than Lexington Plastic Surgeons. We have a team of highly skilled professionals devoted to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals with one of our specializations being Keloid Removal.                                     

With Lexington Plastic Surgeons, we have the best Keloids specialists in the country and can help you achieve your aesthetic goals with our tested and trusted procedure.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons offer the latest in cosmetic procedures, ensuring you get beautiful results. Among our specialized treatments is Keloid removal, where we offer an innovative non-invasive technique with Dr. Michael Jones, who has over 30 years of experience in the field.

A Keloid is a raised scar that is created in response to a skin injury and can be troublesome both in appearance and function. This condition can also lead to embarrassment and anxiety among patients.

Anyone who has lived with Keloids knows that their constant presence can be physically and mentally draining. Keloids are difficult to manage because they grow back quickly, leaving you to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed about your scars.

We all know that having a Keloid can affect our life in many ways, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Some people have had them for years without any solution available to them. You deserve better than that! Eliminating the presence of Keloid scars is now easier than ever, thanks to the team at Lexington Plastic Surgeons.

Secondly, Keloid scars are often difficult to remove because they often return. Keloid scars are also often ugly and disfiguring; people often feel embarrassed and ashamed because of Keloid scars. For over fifteen years, Lexington Plastic Surgeons have been changing lives for the better by eradicating Keloids and related scars with Dr. Jones’ revolutionary methods. Our previous patients have reported an awe-inspiring success rate of over 90%. There is no reason not to schedule your appointment and take charge of your life

No one deserves to live with the emotional and physical pain that Keloids bring.

This condition impacts many people, but not all know where they can go to get help. Lexington Plastic Surgeons has been changing lives since 2005.

Lexington Plastic Surgeons has made it their mission to help people with Keloid removal, so they’ve trained their surgeons in Dr. Jones’ method of removing Keloids. With the success rates that we have, not only will you get your life back, but you’ll also be able to wear whatever you like due to a new found confidence.

With Lexington Plastic Surgeons you can get expert care in removing Keloids with Dr. Jones’ method. Lexington Plastic Surgeons promises over a 90% success rate for Keloid removal that has been shown to work for many patients. All doctors are trained in Dr. Jones’ technique, so you can be assured you are receiving the best care possible.

Let Lexington Plastic Surgeons help you achieve true beauty and self-confidence by removing your Keloid. Call us for a free consultation today!

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