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The goal of breast reconstruction is to reform one or both breasts following a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or due to congenital deformities. Breast reconstruction can be an important part of the overall care plan for women affected by breast cancer. We are here to help you complete your healing journey.

“Dr. Chen did an excellent job and he’s so caring, he reaches out to his patients. I love it when a doctor actually calls you and says, how are you feeling I mean, who does that? They usually have someone else calling. And that means a lot to a person. You guys are like a family to me now. And I loved it.”

Jonita Carter

The Procedure

There is a myriad of reconstructive options for patients including implants or flaps. The method of choice must be tailored to each patient depending on her needs and physical attributes such as breast size, degree of ptosis, and skin changes or quality (particularly if exposed to radiation).


Temporary fatigue and soreness post-surgery