How Long After Botox Can You Lay Down?

Jul 15, 2022

If you’ve ever thought about getting Botox, you may have a few questions and concerns about the treatment. While many people have heard of Botox, far fewer know what getting Botox entails, how it works, and how long it takes to recover from.

Botox is a non-invasive procedure requiring no surgery. You can have it performed at a doctor’s office and go home after it’s over.

Recovery is also almost immediate. You have to refrain from a few things right after getting Botox, like laying down, but most patients feel completely normal within 24 hours.

You can lie down just four hours after getting the injections. Read on to learn more about Botox, its benefits, and how easy it is to recover from!

How Botox Works

Botox comes from a naturally occurring toxin called botinulum, which causes paralysis. However, what you find in Botox doesn’t completely paralyze you or your face.

Instead, it relaxes specific muscles when injected directly into them by blocking the nerves telling the muscles to flex. Botox is even used for medical purposes to treat ailments like neck spasms, excessive sweating, and even migraines. But its most common use is cosmetic.

You may be most aware of the wrinkles on your face. These lines include forehead lines, laugh lines, and crow’s feet.

Though these lines are an inevitable part of the aging process, they may make you feel old or tired. But since repeated muscle movements create them, you can reduce them by getting Botox injections.

Injecting Botox directly into specific facial muscles makes these lines much less apparent and may even help them fade. While not permanent, Botox injections last 3-4 months. They can last longer when you get injections regularly to maintain the effects of the treatment.

Recovery from Botox

Botox injections are easy if you have them performed in a qualified doctor’s office. All that’s needed is a very thin needle.

You’ll have Botox injected under the skin directly into the muscles of whatever you’ve decided to treat. After the injections, you don’t need any real recovery time and can get back to most normal activities.

The only restrictions after getting Botox are that you can’t massage or rub your face for 24 hours. You also can’t lay down for four hours after getting injections.

Besides these minor restrictions, you can live your life without the extended recovery and discomfort that comes with extensive cosmetic surgery.


The main benefit to having Botox is that it can reduce the appearance of lines on your face, making you look and, more importantly, feel younger. But there are also other benefits.

For one, Botox is much subtler than cosmetic surgery and won’t alter your appearance to any extreme lengths. It’s also much less invasive than cosmetic surgery, making it safer and easier to recover from.

Another benefit is that Botox is temporary. Your body processes the injection and leaves no trace after just a few months.

This makes Botox great for anyone who wants to try a cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate their appearance but doesn’t want to commit to anything permanent. But if you get Botox and enjoy it, you can easily maintain your appearance by having regular injections.

If you want to look and feel younger and more energetic, Botox is worth considering. Schedule an appointment today at Lexington Plastic Surgeons to learn more and discover if Botox is right for you!

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