Celebrating Black-Owned and Operated Businesses

Feb 26, 2021

“Being black and excellent is not an act, it is who I am. It is who we are. Black excellence is not a new, trendy word that has just captivated the world. It is our history, our heritage. Black excellence is the name of our superpower. Black excellence highlights the strength that continues to prevail against trial and tribulations we have faced. Black excellence is a crown placed on a pedestal for us. Black excellence is the color of my skin. Happy Black History Month.

Dr. Michael E. Jones
Founder of Lexington Plastic Surgeons

African American history is a beacon of change and hope. We should all do our due diligence to highlight and celebrate people of color for their contributions and brilliance in this country. We encourage everyone to learn about many of the Black heroes that have devoted their services and inventions to society, to support Black-Owned companies, and to continue to push the narrative of equality and inclusion.

Lexington Plastic Surgeons is one of the few Black-Owned practices in our nation and is the leading facility for keloid surgical procedures. Keloids can be genetic and more often affect people of color. Our preventative Keloid Care cream and ScarShield cream which incorporate shea butter, aloe, and hydrocortisone were created by Lexington Plastic Surgeon founder Dr. Jones to help prevent and stop the growth of keloids. 

Black-Owned Recovery Homes

Our friends at Surgery411 helped us find two Black-Owned recovery homes for patients that have recently undergone surgery. Good recovery homes are clean and spacious, provide chef-prepared meals, and have individualized care from a licensed nurse.  

New You Recovery House 

This Atlanta-based recovery home has a multi-lingual staff that provides support for patients from around the world. They also have a Mobile Recovery Service, which brings the cosmetic/plastic surgery post-op recovery to you!

Visit the New You Recovery House Website

Enchantress Recovery 

Based in Miami, this private recovery home provides transportation, 24-hour on-call private RNs, well-trained medical assistants, and massage therapists to help transition patients back to their daily routines. 

Visit the Enchantress Recovery Website

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