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“The team at Lexington Plastic Surgeons is the best; I encourage everyone to go and get a consultation with Josie. She is the best and most sincere. They treat you like a celebrity. After surgery they called to check on me, and the nurses would not leave my side until my ride arrived. Check them out before you go anywhere else. I checked out about three places before going to them. Excellent customer services.”

— Aniyah

Amanda - Tummy Tuck

“Being a mother of three, I knew I needed a new body. Every woman deserves to think about their body after pregnancy. It’s not selfish, It’s self-care.
Dr. Jones gave that to me!”

Andrea - Liposuction

“I have friends that have been out of the country to get their procedures done, and I have one thing to say if you want quality work, visit Lexington Plastic

Linda - Brazilian Butt Lift

“I can now wear bathing suits and feel confident all around! Thank you, Dr. Jones!”

Yolanda - Mommy Makeover

“After my kids, I knew I needed to see Dr. Jones. I was nervous at first, but he reassured me that everything would be the best version of myself!”

Patient Testimonial at Lexington Plastic Surgeons

Lexington Plastic Surgeons Keloid Treatment Testimonial

Lexington Plastic Surgeons Tummy Tuck

Kira - Keloid Removal

“I am very grateful to everyone at Lexington Plastic Surgeons, and I’m just pleased!”

Robert - Keloid Removal

“I’ve had unsuccessful Keloid Removal in the past. That’s when I did my research and found Dr. Jones. Boy, did I make the right decision! Dr. Jones changed my life.”

Mariana - Brazilian Butt Lift

Meeting with Dr. Jones was a wonderful experience. He performed my BBL and knew exactly what I was looking for, and my results are better than I expected! I look and fill Good.

Anthony - Liposuction

Dr. Jones was very professional, informative, and kind! He made me feel extremely comfortable, and I am glad I came across him to do my procedure.

“Immaculate attention to detail regarding the results I wanted to achieve. Dr. Jones is a gifted surgeon who is deeply concerned about your expectations before, during recovery, and even after your procedure. I have nursed two children and he restored my body back to what I looked like before childbirth. He exceeded my expectations in every way! A true professional that I will continue to recommend to anyone wanting to improve their imperfections.”

— Hannah

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Michelle’s Story | Breast Reduction | Patient Testimonials

Anthony’s Story | Keloid Removal | Patient Testimonials

“On August 24, 2017, I had an abdominoplasty performed by the World’s BEST Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jones!!! I was truly impressed with Dr. Jones from the first day we met. He gave meticulous attention to detail before and after my procedure. He has completely transformed my body, and I love IT!!!!! From day one, he’s been very professional and always available if and when I needed him. Words can’t express how grateful I am for how he has changed my life! I’m still healing, but I feel and look GREAT! Dr. Jones truly cares about his patients and wants to ensure they receive the very best care during and after surgery. I recommend Dr. Jones for any plastic surgery!!!! He’s AMAZING!!!!”

— Stephanie

Imani - Tummy Tuck

I can only say great things about Dr. Jones. He’s nothing but the best; he has a great heart and is excellent at what he does. He gave me my whole life and snatched this waist up. I couldn’t be happier with my results, and my husband LOVES IT!!!! Thank you, Dr. Jones, for being great all around.

Sofia - Liposuction

I had lipo done in Sept. 2017 with Dr. Jones. I must admit it was the best decision I’ve made. He is very caring and explains all the pros and cons. I feel my results are excellent, and I want to thank Lexington Plastic Surgeons for their superb treatment.

Tomo - Breast Implants Removal

Dr. Jones is rated as one of the top NYC plastic surgeons… and I agree! Great surgeon and bedside manner. He does local clientele does but has a celebrity following as well.

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Hypertensive Flirt Is Guided to Surgical Readiness

Divora and Her Mom Grill Doc on a Butt Lift

Brave mom shakes the shame of asymetrical breasts

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