Dr. Joseph A. Greco III

Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Joseph A. Greco III was born in Brooklyn, New York, growing up in the city until his family relocated to Georgia during his high school years. Although it was quite a cultural change, Dr. Greco quickly embraced the charm of southern living matriculating to the University of Georgia in Athens, where he was a Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate in 1998. He continued to pursue the profession of physician among the gorgeous azaleas at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, graduating Alpha Omega Alpha, the most lauded medical honor society. 

After obtaining his medical doctorate, Dr. Greco continued his training at the prestigious Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee as a general surgery resident. During his seven years of surgical residency, he completed a two-year research fellowship in plastic surgery. It was this time spent focusing on cosmetic surgery outcomes and reconstructive problem solving that solidified Dr. Greco’s desire to be a plastic surgeon—one who restores beauty as well as function to give patients an improved sense of self, wellness, and aesthetic confidence. 

Upon the completion of his general surgery training at Vanderbilt, Dr. Greco began his formal plastic surgery training under the nationally renowned faculty at Vanderbilt University including plastic surgeons Drs. Bruce Shack, Kevin Hagan, Kevin Kelly, Mary Gingrass and G. Patrick Maxwell. In 2011, Dr. Greco went on to start his own plastic surgery practice near his alma mater and served as Assistant Professor of Surgery at the Augusta University ~ University of Georgia Medical School in Athens. For three years he served as Chief Medical Officer and Director of Aesthetic Surgery at the multi-office practice NuBody Concepts headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Greco has performed numerous cosmetic procedures on the face, breast and body. His results speak for themselves. Dr. Greco is Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a candidate of both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. 

In addition to his impeccable training and technical expertise, Dr. Greco’s ease with patients, calm and supportive demeanor, and compassionate bedside manner shine through. From the moment you meet him patient’s find Dr. Greco warm, approachable and conscientious. Moreover, he is quick to smile, laughs easily and is just a fun-loving guy. Ultimately, Dr. Greco’s goals are to build rapport with his patients as well as a constant focus on the core principles of safety, service, excellent results and unmatched patient satisfaction. These guiding tenants are in line with the mission of Lexington Plastic Surgeons, making Dr. Greco a perfect match for us. 

“As a plastic surgeon, I was fortunate to find a specialty that satisfies both my affinity for the simple beauties of the world and the need for technical expertise that was learned and honed through my 23 years of higher education, training, and professional practice. I will debate anyone that the aesthetic procedures we perform for our patients and clients are not frivolous, unnecessary or merely desires of excess. They are important. When we feel good about ourselves, our body image, the way we project to the people and world we interact with, we feel better. This euphoric disposition is heightened when a procedure or service addresses a cruelty of nature, gravity, time or any combination of things that are beyond our individual control. I would agree that taking on excessive risk to accomplish these aesthetic goals is foolhardy. However, everything we do in our practice is very safe. So when I compare having a cosmetic procedure to getting braces or having a varicose vein zapped, I do not believe it to be too much of a stretch. Simply put—plastic surgery was the only fit for me because I believe with careful selection of patients for the right procedures and services, what I do puts smiles on people’s faces and makes life more fulfilling. Furthermore, while it is noble to return health and hope, provide relief for those that have fallen ill, it also remains a great privilege and purpose to impart people with touches of joy and elation; and, improvements in self-esteem and confidence. Working and living a practice filled with happy people is a great way to spend a career in medicine. I look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.” ~ Dr. Greco 

Dr. Greco has strong ties to the city of Atlanta having graduated from high school in Cobb County. His parents and siblings have lived in the Atlanta suburbs since the family’s move from New York nearly 30 years ago. He is very excited to continue his practice in a city he loves. When he is not wearing his plastic surgeon hat, Dr. G loves spending time with his two children, family, and friends. We think he is a true renaissance man as Dr. G is also a published fiction author, as well as a DJ on the side for friend’s parties and functions.